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What happens in your brain DURING a Soundboard event

1. HEARING FROM Brilliant Speakers

We bring together the founders, the creatives, the organisers and other trailblazers who we think are doing something brilliant in the world to tell their story so that you can hear real life examples of what is possible.

If you’ve been to our events before, you’ll be familiar with the story of Roger Bannister’s 4 minute mile. Bannister became the first person in the world to run a mile in 4 minutes. Prior to Bannister, athletes all over the world thought it was humanly impossible. Within a year of breaking the ‘4 minute barrier’, many went on to break it themselves and even beat Roger’s record.What the runners of the world once saw as physically impossible, was made possible by the act of seeing someone do it, and registering a new belief: “It is possible to run a mile in 4 minutes”.

What we can learn from this story, and that of our soundboard speakers, is that what you might feel is out of reach in your current circumstances, maybe even impossible, is likely down to a certain set of psychological barriers you’ve accumulated over your years. All of which you can begin to overcome by exposing yourself to the stories of others, to see to believe what is humanly possible for you.

2. Speed Soundboarding CURATED MATCHes

During each event, we hand-pick 2 fellow event attendees for you to connect with based on shared interests, experiences or goals. The reason we gather info pre-event, and pick matches for you based on at least one common thread of interest is because we’ve experienced networking events or mentorship programs before where no context is given, or no weight is put on you having something in common, and then you’re scrambling to figure out what to say and maybe never get to your common ground.

The speedy nature of these matches is intentional to facilitate a quick-fire sharing that is different to usual day-day conversations. There isn’t enough time to overthink or mince your words. Often the most authentic thought comes out in the moments before you hold yourself back.

This energy is fast, exciting and full of newness. Our brains are attracted to newness and novelty, apparently it can improve our capacity to remember and learn. In the context of Soundboard, every new idea you hear and person you meet is novelty. Sharing experiences with others, especially strangers, triggers tiny shifts in your perception, altering the way you think, giving you different perspectives and if you expose yourself to new many experiences like this over time, it can lead to big light bulb moments.

The matches are introductions. They are just jump off points for future conversations and follow ups are highly recommended after the event. If you’re on the lookout for a mentor, a soundboard, a new friend - you are sure to find one at this event.

3. AN EXCHANGING OF Stories AMONG Inspiring People

The foundation of Soundboard is built upon the concept of sharing experience. And the way we share is experience is through storytelling. Every corner of this platform is centred around story - our speakers tell their story, you tell your story and you listen to your matches story.

Human beings love stories. We are wired to remember things through stories.

“We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.” — Jonathan Gottschall

People's stories and experiences hold huge amounts of insight and wisdom. What might seem small to one person, may help another unblock a difficult situation or build confidence in their ability where they were lacking before. Stories have the potential to change another’s view on life, particularly when they can make you think differently. You will get the most benefit from Soundboard if you remain open and come along even when the speaker is outside of your area of interest. That difference of experience could be the shift that you needed to hear.

Scratching the surface...

In truth, what we have described above only scratches the surface of what is happening in your mind when you come to a Soundboard event, by showing you you are seeking out alternative perspectives. Broadening your mental models. Developing a greater sense of openness. Building confidence. Engaging and exchanging freely. Creating new neural pathways. Unlocking your brain.

So we’ll look forward to seeing join our events, to be curious, to share, to listen, and learn at every opportunity. Then keep repeating and notice things around you begin to change.


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