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how to stop c*ck blocking yourself

Have you ever thought "I wish I didn't procrastinate so much". Procrastinating work tasks, procrastinating your search for a mentor, procrastinating a workout... we've all been there!

Last week we listened to the Alexis Predez podcast all about procrastination... inspired by the episode we've pulled out some of the top reasons for getting in our own way and created some reframes:


If you ponder a decision for too long. You're a "perfectionist" other words, a victim of your own fear.

Reframe: "I recognise that I'm more focused on making this perfect, than making progress - it doesn't need to be perfect, time to wrap it up and shift my energy to something else."


You have no proof or evidence that you will succeed or can do it - you're really afraid to fail.

Reframe: "Failure and feeling like I don't know how to do something is a necessary part of making progress - I will improve each time I try so let me start now."


You have never branched off on your own, or without other people's approval.

Reframe: "Every time I do something on my own, without needing approval, I gain more confidence and trust in my own instincts. It gets easier every time."


If you are worried about what other people will think about you. You're afraid of judgement.

Reframe: Think of the worst things people could say about you & really sit with it. Can you live with it? Own it and do the thing anyway. "What you don't own owns you!"


If you're scared to lose what you already possess: "If I take this leap, I might regret the move."

Reframe: "Change is inevitable, no matter how long I stayed in my previous situation it would have changed eventually - I may as well be in control of that change."


If you believe you can do it at any time, so you don't need to do it now - meaning you never do it.

Reframe: "When I think things like, "I'll start next week", this is a sign I need to take one small action right now." Send the email. Do the task. However big or small, do something.


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