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How to reach out to someone you admire

Once you've got the email address for the person you want to reach out to, our advice is never to ask someone to be your mentor up front. Treat it the same as any other relationship and focus on building an authentic relationship. ⁠

• Be specific about what you admire about them⁠

• Ask one question that you can't google ⁠

• Offer to help them in some way, find out what they need! ⁠

  1. Who you are and what you admire about them

“Hi {their name},

I’m reaching out because I recently heard you speak on a panel and was really impressed by what you had to say about tackling fast fashion...

  1. Ask one specific question that you can’t Google online

...I was particularly curious about how you got into this work in the first place. I would love to do similar work, as someone new to this space, do you have any advice on what skills are most needed/values in the space? I would welcome any perspectives...

  1. Offer something in return

...Let me know if there's anything I can help you with in return. I am a marketer by day so would be happy to volunteer some of my time in exchange.


{your name}”


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