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What to say when someone asks “Tell me about yourself”

Tend to forget everything you ever knew about yourself when someone asks the open ended question "Tell me about yourself"?


You are not alone. It can be easy to freeze like a deer in headlights when you’re suddenly expected to speak about yourself. But this is a question that is going to follow you through life so you may as well try to get comfortable with it - try these tips to help prevent your mind from going blank:

#1: Prepare some "go to" responses

Try sketching out at least 2 - 3 short “go to” sentences about yourself so that you don’t draw a blank. Or, take it a step further and write a short story about yourself, something you're proud of. You can keep it simple or go all out.

#2: Focus on telling a story versus trying to sell yourself

When people ask to learn more about you, they just want to connect and are not trying to catch you out - so share your story, not your elevator pitch.

#3: Say it out loud

Practice saying your go-to sentences or story out loud. Record a voice note or just say it in the mirror - it might make you cringe but it will definitely get you more comfortable talking about yourself! But try not to memorise it so that you end up sounding like a robot.

#4: Keep it upbeat

If you're meeting someone for the first time, either in a professional or more casual environment, stay positive, first impressions last and no one likes a moaning myrtle.

Avoid complaining or self-deprecation!

#5: Shift your focus to the other person

Lucky you, someone is genuinely curious to learn something about you - now it's your turn to return the favour, ask them about themselves, what would you genuinely like to learn about them?

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