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What is The Passion Economy?

We’ve had "Gig Economy" and now we’re seeing the evolution of The Passion Economy. So what is it? ⁠

The gig economy helped workers monetize their time in specific, narrow services like food delivery, transportation or freelance work, the passion economy helps people earn money in a way that highlights their individuality. The next decade of work will be about passions, not gigs.⁠

“The Passion Economy gives individuals the freedom to work when they want, from where they want. It provides people with passive income and allows people to pursue their passions and positively change the world around them, it makes the world a more confident and passionate place.” -⁠

New digital platforms are enabling people to earn a livelihood in a way that we could never have predicted. Technology platforms are giving us greater ability to build relationships and community easily. We've got many platforms to support growing businesses and better tools for differentiating ourselves from the competition. This is The Passion Economy - what would you want to spend more of your time doing if you had the chance? ⁠

As you look inward, to discover what you love and how you want to bring it to the world, you can use our growing Soundboard community and events to share your ideas and learn new skills along the way. ⁠

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