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how to unlock your search for a mentor

Sometimes the hardest part of your mentor journey is actually getting started (trust us, we've been there). So we've put together some quick tips to help you kickstart your search:

#1. Don’t limit yourself by only looking for experts.

Look for people who are just a few steps ahead of you, they will be able to empathise with the stage you’re at as they were just there, and they will likely have more time or availability.

#2. Look for someone you want to actually be like... terms of values, versus just looking at job titles. By looking at job titles alone you could end up being mentored by a workaholic who is rude and a terrible communicator.

#3. Start small with some warm-up engagements.

If the person you would love to be mentored by is on social, slip into their DMs with a compliment. (Do it right now!). If you work in a big corporate business, DM someone vis Slack / Google Chat / Skype and compliment their latest presentation or some of their work.


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