Soundboard is a platform connecting people through events, workshops, and 1:1 Soundboarding Sessions. We're a community inspiring one another through a mutual exchange of personal, professional, and life experiences.

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What we do? 

Virtual Workshops.

We hold virtual workshops to help build your current skillsets and find yourself a mentor. We're always open to suggestions on what other topics you would like to see. 

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Fire-Side Chats and Panels.

We are constantly inspired by the people that we meet. At our events, we bring together thought leaders, founders, creatives, and business owners to hear how they got to where they are today and to inspire the next generation of change-makers. Interested in becoming a speaker?

One to one Soundboarding. 

During each of our events, we will match you with a peer or mentor. At the point of signing up, we will ask you which industry you work in, what your goals are and hand-pick a fellow event attendee to match you with based on your common interests and goals. 


Whether your goal is to accelerate your career, start your own business, or just take a break to figure out your next steps, we believe that hearing from people who have walked that path before you is one of the best ways to get you where you want to be.

Through a mutual exchange of personal, professional and life experiences, our goal is to kickstart a feeling of contagious motivation in our immediate communities and beyond.

We bring people together through events, workshops, and 1:1 Soundboard Sessions where we handpick someone for you to meet with based on your common interests and goals. 


Everyone is welcome to our events, you can talk about career, personal life, passions, whatever you want, you can bring it all to the table. You don’t have to be an expert in anything apart from yourself but you do have to be curious, kind, and eager to learn something new. In this group, we have people from different industries, skill sets, and backgrounds, but we all have in common the fact that we’re up for trying something a bit different.

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