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Soundboarding is best way to find non-conventional connections.


We're for the creatives, the entrepreneurs and employees who are tired of old-school mentorship and networking.

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About Me

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The Workshop

We offer engaging workshops to help people find mentors and build influential networks to level up in their career. What people love most about the Soundboard method is...


  • You leave the workshop having reached out to a potential contact. We give email templates, Instagram DM scripts and other tools that take the sting out of reaching out.

  • Our brand is female owned, a modern take on traditional workshops and is oriented to get people thinking outside of the box.

  • Attendees leave feeling inspired, have clearer goals and feel fulfilled having spent time going inward…all of which manifests in how they show up outward.

  • We do all the work IN the workshop, meaning you aren't left with have any homework. 

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