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what to do after a soundboard event

So you've attended an event, now what? We've put together a guide on what to do next.

1. Take inventory, check in with yourself.

Take 15 minutes acknowledge how you just spent the last 90mins

Was there a topic, an idea (either your own or someone else's), or a person that you got excited about? Even just a small bit? Write that down. Now ask yourself why? ….and then ask why 5 times until you understand the core of what is exciting you.

Tip: If you have a journaling practice, write it down. Even in your notes in your phone - documenting thoughts and experiences can show you real markers of growth in the future.

2. Make some light touch connections right now.

Below are some small actions you can do right now to plant seeds that your future self will thank you for.

  • Follow + connect with your fellow attendees on instagram and LinkedIn: Why? You never know when someone might be working on a project that you might be able to support on

  • Send a simple feel good note to your match telling them one thing you liked about your conversation: Why? To brighten up someone's day! It’s nice to be nice. Here are some examples:

(Copy, Paste and make it your own)

“Hey, It was great to meet you today at the Soundboard event, I enjoyed talking to you about your experience working in the creative Industry, it was refreshing to hear how we have experienced similar things despite being in different industries. Here are my socials, would love to stay connected”

3. How to use this event to find yourself a mentor.

We have outlined some suggested next steps if you would like to find yourself a mentor.

Step 1: Take a moment to get clear on what you would like mentorship on, and then have a think about what type of mentor you need. We put together a handy guide of the 5 different types of mentorship on our Insta to help you figure out what you’re looking for. From peer mentors, to an experienced advocate - decide what you need first.

Step 2: Read everyone’s bio, see if there are any that stand out to you based on the area you wish to grow.

Step 3: Adopt the following mindset:

  • Reach out with genuine curiosity about the other person's story, not with the intention to “get something” from them.

    • Offer something in exchange - whether it's your skills, your time or to just be a Soundboard. Make it something exciting for them.

    • Be open - don’t hold on too tightly to what the outcome might be, again, be curious.

    • Be ok with rejection - if someone has to decline your offer, it’s nothing personal, just pick yourself back up and try again with someone else.

Step 4: Reach out, there is no one way to each out, however, we suggest the following approach:

  • Lead with curiosity about their story

  • Be direct and clear on what you want to learn

  • Close with an offer - how can you help?

Here's a sample email or message you can send:

Some additional tips before you reach out:

  • Don’t ask someone to be your mentor up front - this rarely works, give yourself space and time to build a relationship organically.

  • Make sure you can’t google the answer first - come prepared with smart questions.

  • If you’re intimidated, or nervous, think to yourself “what would I think if someone sent this to me” or get a friend to proof read.

(Copy, Paste and make it your own)

Hi {Name},

I hope you enjoyed the event on Thursday, I saw your profile and was really interested to see that you had experience working in [describe what it is in their profile that interests you]

I was particularly interested in learning more about how [be specific about what you would like to learn]. Was that a difficult process? Or is this something you have ever experienced?

Also, let me know if there is anything I can help you with - more than happy to [insert something you can offer - make intros/be a soundboard/offer up my time if you need an extra pair of hands.]

Hope your week is going well!

{your name}


The thing to remember is that mentorship is just another type of relationship. It comes in all shapes and sizes. And while there is no one-size-fits all approach, test out what works for you, if you're not getting the desired results try something different.

In March, we will be running a live workshop to help you find you a mentor, sign up here to get an alert when we announce the launch date.


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