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5 types of mentorship that will help you grow

We created Soundboard because we wanted an alternative to formal, corporate mentorship. While we’re sure it has its place, we couldn’t relate to the old school mentality around mentorship.

Traditional mentorship was created as hierarchical; mentor and mentee. The original concept was also created pre-internet 🦕

We want to create a new vision of what mentorship means - it should be fun, easy to get, and easy to give 👏🏼

Here are 5 types of mentorship that you should start thinking about today:

#1. Peer to peer mentorship

Find someone at a similar career or life stage to you who you can regularly bounce ideas off and talk through challenges you face. This is one of the most rewarding and effective styles of mentorship.

#2. The mentor you never have to meet

We live in a time where we have SO much information at our fingertips. Research people you admire online, listen to interviews, follow them on social media, read their books. You don’t even need to meet in person.

#3. The expert in your line of work

As you become more clear on your goals, seek out a mentor who is experienced in the same line of work but with a few more years of experience than you. Come with specific questions.

#4. The well connected advocate

This is the person who will advocate for you to others in the field of work, or industry you want to gain experience or become successful in. These relationships should be nurtured slowly over time.

#5. Become a mentor yourself

Offer up your time to someone who needs support or guidance. By becoming a mentor, you also become better at finding our own mentors.

If you're looking for more help on finding a soundboard, we hold regular workshops on how to kickstart your journey in finding a mentor. Sign up to our mailing list to hear about our upcoming workshops.


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