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Soundboarding with Fort Rixon:

How finding the right mentors can help you accomplish your personal and professional goals

Date: Thursday, June 25th, 2020

Time: 8pm London/Dublin 

Duration: 1hr 15mins | 40-minute talk + x2 rounds of Soundboard matches (10 mins each) 

What's happening?

When it comes to career growth, we're told it's just as much who you know as it is what you know, but finding genuine contacts and asking for help can often feel a bit daunting.


That's where we come in. Soundboard is a space to meet people, to have meaningful conversations, exchange experiences, and apply your learnings to help you accomplish your goals.


Building connections with likeminded people is the heart of Soundboard, how else can we learn, inspire, and motivate each other? That's why our first digital event includes a series of Speed Soundboarding sessions – an opportunity for our dedicated team to handpick someone for you to talk to based on your interests and goals.

This session also welcomes a conversation with Fort Rixon where we talk about the mentors and influences that enabled him to create a successful career in the creative industry, all while tapping into his passion for culture, aesthetics, politics, and film design.

Read more about our speaker.

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How it works: 

  • At the point of sign up, you will be asked to share some details about yourself. The information is used to match you with a Soundboard. 

  • You will receive an overview of who your matches are ahead of the event so you’re not going in blind. 

  • Don’t worry, there will be no awkward conversations because we give you a topic to discuss with your match so no last-minute scrambling for what to say. 

  • You make genuine connections and meet people you already have something in common with - we handpick a match for you based on pre-shared criteria which means you can skip the small talk and get right to the good stuff.

You will enjoy this if...

You want to meet new people at a similar career stage to you. You want to feel inspired and motivated. You are curious about people, culture, design. You are interested in progressing in your career. You want to make genuine connections with people who have a similar interest to you. You like trying new things. 

Secure Your Spot

You’ll receive a confirmation of your booking as well as details on how to attend the meeting via email. 


More about our speaker:

Fort Rixon works at the curious intersection of culture, aesthetics, politics, and film design. 


He has produced over 70 projects in multiple roles for entities such as adidas Original, Reebok, Wimbledon, Covent Garden, Air Canada, Kendrick Lamar, and Stella McCartney to name but a few. 


He has held desks for renowned creative studios around the world such as Winkreative, Dazed & Confused, and Andpeople where he produced countless events, books (in 2018 he sent over

40 000 books sent to print), brand narratives, tone of voice, films, strategies, culture programmes and more and has written for several publications including Monocle, Art Africa and Johannesburg Financial Mail. 


Born and raised in the ‘post-colonial Hangover’ of Zimbabwe until the age of 16, he has lived in multiple cities including London, Cape Town, and Toronto with his work taking him around the world over the years. Originally offered a place in Slade School of Fine Art he was forced to decline due to astronomical international uni fees and took a gap year instead to save up before carrying out his foundation at Central St Martins and completing his degree in Illustration at Camberwell College UAL. 

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