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Workshops Your Employees Want To Attend

Want to help your employees find mentors, align on their career goals and build a solid network?
We run employee engagement sessions, workshops and motivational talks that do just that.
Email if you would like to learn more or scroll down and complete the booking form. 

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The Workshop

We offer engaging workshops to help people find mentors and build influential networks to level up in their career. What people love most about the Soundboard method is...


  • You leave the workshop having reached out to a potential contact. We give email templates, Instagram DM scripts and other tools that take the sting out of reaching out.

  • Our brand is female owned, a modern take on traditional workshops and is oriented to get people thinking outside of the box.

  • Attendees leave feeling inspired, have clearer goals and feel fulfilled having spent time going inward…all of which manifests in how they show up outward.

  • We do all the work IN the workshop, meaning you aren't left with have any homework. 

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About Me.

"I personally attended some Soundboard events and got a lot from them so invited Soundboard to run their Mentorship workshop at Flutter. It was very well received, I had multiple people email me about how much they loved the session.

The workshop was inspiring, fun and the best bit is you have reached out to a potential mentor by the end so is highly actionable. Highly recommend."

- Grace Dwyer, Community & Culture Manager at Flutter

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