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Soundboard is an alternative kind of peer to peer idea sharing platform. We bring together groups of people from different backgrounds and varied skill sets to exchange experience and gain new perspectives from one another. 

How Does it Work?


Through our virtual events, we bring in guests who are doing something inspiring in the world, to share their story, and also hold curated matches, where we handpick 2 fellow event attendees for you to match with to Soundboard ideas for 10 minutes and ultimately leave feeling energised, inspired and with a new perspective that you didn’t have before. 

Who Comes to These Events? 

Everyone is welcome to our events. We have a real mix of people from corporate, to non-profit and creative industries. You don’t have to be an expert in anything apart from yourself but you do have to be curious, and open to learning something new. Our attendees come from different industries, skill sets, and backgrounds because we believe that meeting people from different experiences can help shape our perspectives in a positive way.

Why We Exist


We wanted to create a better way for the next generation of founders, creatives and trailblazers to network and find mentorship among one another. 

We want to create a new era of modern day mentorship: Soundboarding. 


We want to create a new mindset around mentorship that is based on a mutual exchange of experience: 

● Be as willing to give as much as you wish to receive, why should mentorship be a one way street, we all have something to give.

● Being genuinely curious about other people’s stories, there is something to learn from everyone you meet. 

● By actively listening to how other people have achieved what we want to achieve, we gain the confidence that we can do it too. 


We want everyone to Soundboard their way to a more satisfying career.

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How Did Soundboard Get Started?

Now you know what we do at Soundboard, we wanted to introduce the faces behind the brand. 

Niamh, (pronounced "Neev"), is the Founder of Soundboard. She lives by the philosophy that we're all better off connected and created Soundboard to encourage more people to tap into their existing networks for inspiration and mentorship. When she is not focused on growing Soundboard, she is a Marketing Consultant for brands in the Technology space helping them tell their story to the people they care about most and when not doing any of the above, she can be found working on converting her camper van, connect with her on LinkedIn & Instagram.

Shóna is the co-creator of Soundboard Events by night and works in strategy and communications in the creative world by day. When on Soundboard she’s sourcing top-notch speakers, gathering quality attendees, and making sure the night runs smooth. Shona also works with Do The Green Thing, a public service for the planet that uses creativity to tackle climate change, and before this moved through the London and Dublin art world. Found skateboarding late in life, an artist, optimist and enthusiastic dabbler of anything that gets her to the great outdoors. Catch her on LinkedIn, Instagram

Success Stories from Past Events

So far events have heard from pioneering artists, social enterprise founders and a major music festival organiser. We’ve been blown away by the response so far. The events act as a catalyst for action for those who attend. Sometimes we just need a nudge of encouragement from someone who has done what you’re trying to achieve, in order to accomplish our goals. 

One past attendee, who was working in retail while pursuing her passion as an artist, after the event she decided to quit her side job and finally go full time as an artist and has been absolutely killing it. She had some follow up calls with her Soundboard match (who had also pursued a career as an artist) after the event which gave her a bit more confidence to just go for it. 

Another person wanted to figure out some other ways to give back to his community, during the event he was matched with a local charity organizer and is now volunteering to teach english to refugees in his community.

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