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When? Tuesday 22nd March 2022

Time? 19:30 GMT | 11:30 PDT

Duration? 1 Hour


What we cover:

  • Get clear on what you would like mentorship in (the first step!)

  • Understanding what's going on in your brain when you're being mentored

  • Deciding which type of mentor you need - (peer to peer, from afar, 1:1 coaching...there are SO many types and that's what can make it confusing!)

  • Crafting a list of who you could ask 

  • How to asks including templates and tips to reduce your rejection rate!

Our Soundboard formula takes you through a series of fun steps to help you redefine mentorship based on what YOU need, you will craft a list of people to reach out to, we'll provide scripts and pre-drafted emails for you to send. The event will leave you with the playbook on how to find yourself a mentor...whatever mentorship means to you, we're all different and have differing needs in terms of mentorship so this workshop gives you the space to craft a plan that is customised to you - and it’s also completely free!

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