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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Soundboard?

Soundboard is an alternative mentorship & idea sharing platform. 


We create purpose built spaces for people to get inspired, have meaningful conversations, and unlock whatever has been holding you back, whether that is professionally or personally. 

What does Soundboard do?

We hold virtual events and workshops built upon a foundation of storytelling, skill building and a mutual exchange of experience.

Inspiring Stories

We bring you speakers who are doing something brilliant in the world, to share their story, offer up a new perspective and talk about the Soundboards that got them to where they are.

Curated 1:1 Connections

During each event, we hand-pick 2 fellow event attendees for you to connect with based on shared interests, experiences or goals. We gather info pre-event, and pick matches for you based on at least one common thread of interest is because we’ve experienced networking events or mentorship programs before where no context is given, or no weight is put on you having something in common, and then you’re scrambling to figure out what to say and maybe never get to your common ground.


The speedy nature of these matches is intentional to facilitate a quick-fire sharing that is different to usual day-day conversations. There isn’t enough time to overthink or mince your words. Often the most authentic thought comes out in the moments before you hold yourself back.

How do the curated matches work?


1. First, you answer a series of questions through a Q&A form we send ahead of the event.
You share what you are passionate about, what you are currently working on versus what you would like to work on, and finally what you are looking for advice on.

2. Then, once we have everyone's forms, we review your answers, create a short bio for you and match people based on common interests or goals.

3. An hour before the event, we send you an email so you can see who your matches are ahead of time to give you a chance to check out their social media, LinkedIn and bio.

4. At the event, you get whisked off into Zoom breakout rooms at specific intervals at the event. We share a prompt before you go into your match so that you have a jump off point for conversation - and the matches last from 10 - 15 minutes depending on the event.

Who are your events for?

Everyone is welcome to our events. We have a mix of people from corporate, to freelance, to non-profit industries.

The people who tend to get the most value out of our events are:

  • Those who are looking for inspiration, or motivation 

  • Anyone curious and excited about the prospect of meeting people from all walks of life

  • Those who are feeling unfulfilled and looking for guidance or direction

  • Those on the lookout for mentorship or networking opportunities

We invite people from different industries, skill sets, and backgrounds because we believe that meeting people from different experiences can help shape our perspectives in a positive way.

Here is what our attendees say when we asked them “who is this for”


“Folks who are interested in learning/growing/personal development, connecting with humans from around the world and cultivating that international community”


“Anyone who is looking to broaden their community - hear what others are up to around the world and be inspired. Anyone interested in pivoting careers and talking to someone in a field that appeals to them.”


“Anyone interested in meeting new people, learning from other people’s experience or looking for inspiration as to where to start figuring out how to reach your career or personal goals!”


“Millennials and younger. The concept makes sense for us as it is intimidating to find support somewhere at this age with no experience. I feel hopeful for younger people who are looking to start somewhere that they would have this as an option. It could change the game”

What is the benefit of attending a Soundboard event?


Connecting with inspiring people from all over the world allows you to broaden your perspective.


Confidence building and Improved communication skills - what better way to exercise your conversation skills by talking to a stranger you have never met before?


An intro to up to 60 connections from all over the world - after the event you get access to each attendee profile so you can connect after the event - perfect for those looking for mentors or mentees or to network.

Free Workshop: How to Find a Mentor
Free Workshop: How to Find a Mentor
12 Jul 2023, 19:00 BST
Via Zoom
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