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Soundboarding with Mikey Lion:

On building a powerful movement of music and the community that helped him to forge it.

Date: Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

Time: 8pm London/Dublin 

Duration: 1hr 15mins | 40-minute talk + x2 rounds of Soundboard matches (10 mins each) 

What is Soundboard?

Soundboard is a platform to help the people in our community find inspiration, shift perspectives, and expand any self-limiting beliefs that might be holding you back to ultimately have a more fulfilled and content life! The tool that we use to do this is through a meaningful exchange of experience.


We bring together thought leaders, musicians, creatives, founders, and business owners who are doing something brilliant to hear how they achieved what they did and the defining experiences that got them there. 


Building connections with likeminded people is the heart of Soundboard, how else can we learn, inspire, and motivate each other? That's why we always include two 10 minute Speed Soundboarding sessions – an opportunity for our dedicated team to handpick someone else at the event for you to talk to based on your interests, background, or personal/professional goals.

This session welcomes Mikey Lion. Californian DJ and Founder of Desert Hearts Record label shares how he managed to build a powerful movement of music and the community that helped him to forge it.

We will hear the story behind creating Desert Hearts Records, as well as hear her perspective on mentorship and the impact it has had on this community he has built.  

Read more about our speaker.


How it works: 

  • At the point of sign up, you will be asked to share some details about yourself. The information is used to match you with a Soundboard. 

  • You will receive an overview of who your matches are ahead of the event so you’re not going in blind. 

  • Don’t worry, there will be no awkward conversations because we give you a topic to discuss with your match so no last-minute scrambling for what to say. 

  • You make genuine connections and meet people you already have something in common with - we handpick a match for you based on pre-shared criteria which means you can skip the small talk and get right to the good stuff.

Don't let the fear of meeting someone new scare you off, guaranteed inspiration or your money back! 

You should attend this event if...

  • You're interested in music, festivals and club culture.

  • You are looking for a source of inspiration and motivation to turn your love of music into a career.

  • You want to make genuine connections with like-minded people.

  • You are curious, eager to learn something new, and have an open mind. 

Anyone can join these events, you don't need to have any prior experience in any particular field, you just need to be curious and open to learning something new. 

Secure Your Spot

You’ll receive a confirmation of your booking as well as details on how to attend the meeting via email. 

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